Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Bunch of Random Awesome Things

OK, so awesome things:
First, of course, is Etsy. Most people have probably heard of etsy, but if not, y'all should definitely check it out. I can seriously look at etsy for hours on end, drooling over my favorite things (that I can't afford, but whatever)...anyways, I'll mention some of my favorite sellers now.
-FaeryGeekBoutique (I ♥ the raspberry earrings hardcore.)
-abbyandgrr (awesome vintage-y jewelry)
- BeadinBabe (ok, not a fan of the name, but wow. This is one of the shops that I could pretty much sit and obsess over for hours...)
- edithandlulu (they do crazy awesome stuff with buttons)
- RandomQuirks (everything is just so...random! And quirky.)
-StellarCheri (LOVE the zebra print bag!)
- tsukatta (ok, so if anyone wants to buy me one of those epic corset dresses, I would be cool with that...)
- AmaliaVersaci (zippers, zippers, zippers, and zippers!)
- danzdzynes (holy CRAP, those are cute!)
-EllenWeldon (if you can get thru the nauseating amount of Twilight shit on there, there's some pretty awesome stuff- Buffy, Fight Club, and ATU shirts for example)
- darkfusionboutique (gaaaaah I'm drowning in the awesome!)
- ashesandempires (SPAAAAATS!)
-crystalbeutler (vintage jewelry. you can never have too much.)
OH and of course, don't forget to check out my very own etsy!
It's brilliant. =P

Oh, also on a fashion-y note, check out OutsaPop Trashion cause it's frickin amazing =)

Other things I've been intrigued by are the lovely FarmerNancy blog (if you read the one entry where she mentions her "fellow pink-haired friend," that's me) and awesome fellow-almost-Marlboro-er Liouxsie's ART v! PORN v! CENSORSHIP, sex, horror movies, and feminism, all in one blog! yay!

oh, yet another awesome thing: Marlboro College.

On that note, I leave you, gentle readers. But never fear, for I shall return.

And there will be much rejoicing.

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abby and grr said...

Wow. Was just googling my shop name for the hell of it and came across your comment. Thanks!

I've been neglecting my shop for the past few months because of school and family stuff. But if you're in the mood to shop just shoot me an email reminder and I'll give a 25% discount off your order.