Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More amazing etsy finds!

OK, so I'm going to attempt to somewhat organize my second list of awesomeness a little bit better than my first...so. The first thing I've discovered are ADORABLE food jewelry. Like, jewelry made out of little plastic or clay food, not actual food. Cause that could be nasty.
Anyways, here are my favorites:

This adorable Chocolate Cookie Ring by cherryboop
The only problem is that I seriously think I might try to eat it! She also has some ADORABLE donut earrings and other delicious jewelry =)

Next, we have the fabulous CuteAbility.
OH MY GOD. If I had a million bucks, I might end up spending it ALL on her stuff. It's just so...CUTE!
A couple of my favorites:
mixer necklace

Slice of Chocolate Cake Necklace:

OK, so that looks so delicious. I want cake now.
taco earrings- I mean, I don't even LIKE tacos, but GAWD those are adorable!Anyways, I won't post any more of CuteAbility's stuff, but seriously. Check out her shop. It is made of win.

Next up: FakeryBakery2!

First, PopTart Rings! I mean. Wow.

Seriously amazing. I don't think I'll post anymore of her pictures but everything in her shop is seriously yummy! Cake rings, cookie earrings, cupcake rings...so amazing.

OK, last up for food-themed accessories: JuiceBoxAdornments!
So...I don't eat meat, and I hate eggs sunny-side-up but DAMN! How precious is this?

So cute, am I right? Of course I am. ; )

OK, so next up: Joss Whedon Inspired Crafts!! (OK, so I love Joss Whedon. And obviously other people do too, cause look what I found!)
First, these shoes. I won't post a picture cause they're reserved and it might make you sad cause you can't have them (it made me sad) so yeah. Anyways, being a maker of decoupaged shoes myself, I am pretty much in love with these fuckers. =)

Next, CrumpArt has some pretty amazing Firefly/Serenity buttons, such as these:

Also, the BEST place for Jayne hats has to be Ma Cobb's Shop (or fadingendlessly on etsy)
She also has buttons, luggage tags, and more Whedon-y geekery!
Jayne hat:

OK, so Dr. Horrible is just...awesome. So, naturally I LOVE these buttons from pinkfairywand:

That line about the wrist is one of my favorites. =)

OK, next: Mal pendant by ThimbleNina:


OK, so I really need to get back to work, but I'll leave you with some links to more Whedon-y goodness:

-Mr. Pointy Plushie! (Seriously, how cute is that???)

-I'd Let Spike Bite Me Bracelet (cause I SO would-don't tell my boyfriend, he thinks my obsession with Spike is...unhealthy =P)

-Spike/Buffy Tie (damn, I love this!)

OK. Wow. There are so many more amazing things on etsy, so expect more from me!
And leave me comments if you think something should have been included in this post and wasn't!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Raspberries and Awesomeness!

So...last post, I mentioned the lovely FaeryGeekBoutique and her fabulous Raspberry Earrings
AND about a week later, I got to meet her! (Little did I know that I already knew her, haha.) Anyways, she GAVE ME the Raspberry Earrings! Yes. I am so happy now! =)

Well, this has to be a quick post cause I'm at work (in an office, blech. haha, but it could be worse.)
But later I'll post a pic of me wearing the earrings! Cause I'm so happy. =)

Well, bye for now, my darlings.