Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Bunch of Random Awesome Things

OK, so awesome things:
First, of course, is Etsy. Most people have probably heard of etsy, but if not, y'all should definitely check it out. I can seriously look at etsy for hours on end, drooling over my favorite things (that I can't afford, but whatever)...anyways, I'll mention some of my favorite sellers now.
-FaeryGeekBoutique (I ♥ the raspberry earrings hardcore.)
-abbyandgrr (awesome vintage-y jewelry)
- BeadinBabe (ok, not a fan of the name, but wow. This is one of the shops that I could pretty much sit and obsess over for hours...)
- edithandlulu (they do crazy awesome stuff with buttons)
- RandomQuirks (everything is just so...random! And quirky.)
-StellarCheri (LOVE the zebra print bag!)
- tsukatta (ok, so if anyone wants to buy me one of those epic corset dresses, I would be cool with that...)
- AmaliaVersaci (zippers, zippers, zippers, and zippers!)
- danzdzynes (holy CRAP, those are cute!)
-EllenWeldon (if you can get thru the nauseating amount of Twilight shit on there, there's some pretty awesome stuff- Buffy, Fight Club, and ATU shirts for example)
- darkfusionboutique (gaaaaah I'm drowning in the awesome!)
- ashesandempires (SPAAAAATS!)
-crystalbeutler (vintage jewelry. you can never have too much.)
OH and of course, don't forget to check out my very own etsy!
It's brilliant. =P

Oh, also on a fashion-y note, check out OutsaPop Trashion cause it's frickin amazing =)

Other things I've been intrigued by are the lovely FarmerNancy blog (if you read the one entry where she mentions her "fellow pink-haired friend," that's me) and awesome fellow-almost-Marlboro-er Liouxsie's ART v! PORN v! CENSORSHIP, sex, horror movies, and feminism, all in one blog! yay!

oh, yet another awesome thing: Marlboro College.

On that note, I leave you, gentle readers. But never fear, for I shall return.

And there will be much rejoicing.